Our Expert Teachers

To ensure the highest quality learning for our students, our global team of online tutors here at Benchmark Learning go through a robust application process before becoming full-time team members. Our tutors are:

1. Experts in their respective fields, with specialized degrees and at least 3 years of hands-on experience.
2. Excellent educators, having taught students around the world both in classrooms and online prior to joining Benchmark Learning.
3. Well-trained to create a safe and educational online learning environment for all of our students.
4. Committed and loyal as full-time members of the Benchmark Learning team.

Benchmark Learning regularly assesses all team members based on the success of our students. Our system, from our exhaustive recruitment process to our ongoing, regular appraisals are designed to create and maintain an impactful educational experience for all of our students.

Our Recruitment Process

Resumé and Applicant Screening

Potential tutors first undergo an initial resumé and applicant screening process, in which their skills and education is matched to the needs of Benchmark Learning students, and all of their experience is verified from past employers and references. Successful applicants are those who demonstrate strong experience and a verifiable track record of success in their respective field.

Knowledge and Skills Assessment

After a successful resumé and applicant screening process, applicants take a knowledge and skills assessment to confirm their understanding of the material they plan to teach to other students. Successful applicants must demonstrate mastery of all material pertaining to their area of expertise.

Teaching Ability Assessment

Applicants are assessed on their ability to teach content in their area of expertise. Candidates are given questions of different difficulty in their field, which they must solve step-by-step as if they are in a live teaching setting. Successful candidates display an ability to successfully begin a new topic from scratch and build on it progressively throughout the lesson. Candidates must also be able to eloquently and correctly address any doubts or questions raised during the assessment sessions.

Telephonic Interview Rounds

Applicants undergo telephonic interview rounds for our team to gain a better insight into their goals and aspirations in the education field, as well as their mindset when it comes to teaching and helping students grow. Benchmark Learning actively seeks out talented minds who wish to create change in the education space. All our tutors are zealous, hardworking and creative individuals who care deeply for their students and their success.

Orientation and Training

Successful candidates go through an on-boarding process before they may teach. Tutors are familiarized with Benchmark’s mission and goals in the education space, and our expectations of our team members. They are trained to provide a safe online learning environment for our students, in which students can explore new topics and learn.

Ongoing Performance Appraisals and Workshops

Our tutors are appraised and assessed on an ongoing basis. We review our tutors based on student success and success of their lessons regularly, and provide constructive, helpful feedback to enhance our tutors’ teaching experience, as well as our students’ learning experience. Furthermore, we hold periodic meetings and workshops, in which our tutors can learn from each other’s experiences.

For more information about our recruiting process, please contact us at info@benchmarklearning.co.

If you are an educator and want to join Benchmark Learning as a tutor, please email hr@benchmarklearning.co.